Honouring The Aboriginal Ancestors

I have always been fascinated by the Native culture. For their courage, bravery, authenticity, their respect of mother Earth and of course… the structure of their facial features. Faces that go so well with my graphic impressionism technique!

As the Earth is talking louder and louder to us, it is the perfect time to be inspired by the way our ancestors lived. Their faith and wisdom lead the way, we only have to listen and follow their teachings to become better men. It is time to take care of mother Earth, to respect nature, to respect all living things and to be grateful for everything that Gaia provides for us as the ancestors did.


What is most important to be happy is all this life around us. Life is the grass that grows and it is our loved ones. Clouds, birds, all living things are part of our family. That's beauty. To be a Native American is to get up with the morning star at the hour when the great mystery gives us time to pray. At a time when the birds are silent or our mother the earth is sleeping. We recognize that this time is reserved for us.

- Russell means (Sioux Oglala)